Case studies

Office refurbishment at Reigate Police Station

Reigate Police Study case study pic before
Reigate Case Study - After

A police force’s most valuable asset is of course the officers and staff that work around the clock. Surrey Police required a refurbishment to provide them with a well-deserved improved working environment. The Neighbourhood Policing Team and Intel Team were moving personnel, and needed more space. A contemporary and practical working area was needed, which invloved demolition and construction of new offices. The flooring, with threadbare carpet tiles, was worn down by heavy police walking boots. The team needed new flooring with a walkway which would withstand the daily wear and tear. The decorations had deteriorated and were long overdue.


We met with the Estates Officer and suggested using high performance textured studded rubber tiles for the walkway; these provide functionality and quality. We helped redesign the office, suggesting demolishing and rebuilding walls in new locations to make better use of the available space.  Finally, redecorations finished off the look.
Using our own teams at NTT we applied our zero-defect installation processes to improve the Neighbourhood Policing Team office.  This process is designed to minimise disruption and reduce stress to occupants. We maintained a collaborative relationship throughout the project, keeping up communication.


  • Using our directly employed team of tradespeople we completely stripped back the flooring and found that the screed had started lifting. We laid new screed and created a smooth floor ready for the carpet tiles and rubber stud flooring.
  • We demolished the walls and created large, contemporary open plan areas, but also built some new walls which were enough to give privacy.
  • Before lifting a paint brush, our team prepared surfaces and protected the working area so that it could be handed back for use as quickly as possible. We then redecorated the whole office.
  • We accelerated the programme where possible by carrying out weekend and evening works if the client requested.


The offices were updated into a refreshed working area with new carpets, walkway, and more space. The whole project took one month to finish, meeting Surrey Police’s anticipated timescale.

Surrey Police’s Facilities Manager said of the outcome and project management: “NTT have updated the office into a working area that meets the needs of our officers and staff that use the space. I have worked with NTT on previous projects; this has included planning and operational engagement. All projects have been delivered on time and within the expected budget.”

Guildford Police Station

office case study picture Guildford Police Station
NTT Garry Tidying Guildford Police Station

In this contract for Surrey Police,  the Policing Team needed building work carried out to manage space more efficiently in their office on the 3rd floor of Guildford Police Station. Our tradespeople were perfect for this job, being Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and NPPV2 police vetted, they were able to undertake all trades from plastering to plumbing. We programmed the work in liaison with the occupants, to ensure they could carry on with their daily routines.


  • Demolish and construct new walls with fire doors, new carpeting, plastering and decorations.
  • Most of our works are completed in occupied environments such as this one, needing the highest levels of health and safety awareness.
  • We understand that noise can be such a nuisance so instead of working the usual 9-5, we were conscious of the type of work we completed during core hours and scheduled noisier works such as using a chopsaw outside of these hours. Sometimes noise can be inevitable though, so in these circumstances our Site Manager would advise the offices in advance of the works taking place and close all doors to reduce noise.
  • We set about using our cost management system to ensure best value for money for the construction element of the work, by reusing materials from walls that had been demolished. This approach follows our environmental policy, to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.
  • We accelerated the programmes where possible by carrying out weekend and evening works if the client requests.


The extensive work carried out has created a contemporary and practical space that will be home to their teams for many years to come. The client expressed their satisfaction for the work completed following handover.

South Farnham Junior School

Staff Room Kitchen refurbishment
The new kitchen

The staff room needed a new kitchen. At break times more than 40 members of staff would arrive in the staff room to make refreshments; our task was to redesign the flow to avoid congestion. We fitted two new Zip taps, which provided instant boiling and chilled water, as well as appliances and new useful storage solutions.

Before work started:

New Zip taps: